Getting involved: COP27 for high school students in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

New Aquitaine’s 4 CCSTIs are organizing a dialogue between young people and scientists, with a closing event on November 17 in Bordeaux.

Young people need to be intellectually autonomous, […] to confront the reality of complex problems“,“The regional scale is the scale for action in the face of climate change“. Inspired by the words of climatologist Hervé LE TREUT, Chairman of the AcclimaTerra regional scientific committee and sponsor of the operation, S’engager, the COP27 high school event in New Aquitaine, was born.

This initiative has been run since early 2022 by New Aquitaine’s four centers for scientific, technical and industrial culture (CCSTI): Cap sciences, Espace Mendès France, Récréasciences and Lacq odyssée. It is funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the largest in France with its 84,000 km² and the diversity of its landscapes and the climatic challenges facing all its inhabitants, such as mega-fires, loss of biodiversity, more frequent storms, heatwaves…

In order to discuss local issues and changes in society, the scientific mediators organized several meetings between young people and researchers from regional research networks (R3), local universities and research institutes such as CNRS, INRAE and Inria.

Following the Global Youth Climate Pactan international program of meetings between young people and climate specialists created in 2014 at the Espace Mendès France, young people’s voices are listened to and the complexity of the subjects is dissected by students and their teachers, with the help of scientists involved in these discussions between science and society.

For this regional COP27, 13 high schools were selected to reflect the diversity of our region’s landscapes: coastal, urban, forested, mountainous… 11 of our region’s 12 départements are represented. Each high school chose the theme it would study, according to the local issues that inspired the students: urban heat islands, local biodiversity, food, forests, water quality, digital sobriety… Each group of high school students met with scientists and professionals to talk about the challenges of their theme. The operation ends with an event on November 17 at Cap Sciences in Bordeaux. There, the dialogue will continue between the high-school students and the regional councillors, thanks to three round-table discussions dedicated to biodiversity, water and changes in our society, with local press clubs invited to put their questions to the committed young people.

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