COP 26: back from Glasgow

A week after the end of the COP26 in Glasgow, take a look behind the scenes:

1. The first image shows the middle of the action zone, the area reserved for accredited civil society observers. This is the best-known image of the COP, with the big Earth rotating slowly at its center.
2. The Turkish pavilion, decorated with moucharabiehs made of colorful ropes. Participating countries and several organizations had a pavilion where conferences were organized with representatives of civil society.
3. A second plenary room, the main one is reserved for diplomats and negotiators, and observers had to use this one, broadcasting live speeches from the other room.
4. Alfredo Pena-Vega and Luis Flores at a side event presenting the graphic created by the GYCP team and nearly 400 students from around the world. These presentations were seen by other COP observers while the negotiators were in a separate area.

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